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09:45 am Havant Train Station, PO9 1PP
18:00 pm Havant Train Station, PO9 1PP
Sue - GoTread Guide

Your Guide: Sue

Sue has been walking for as long as she can remember, before that she thinks she was crawling. She also likes to get around by bicycle, kayak, scooter, horse, boat or just about anything with wheels, legs, paddles or a sail. Being outdoors and moving are just about her two favourite things to do. She's also pretty keen on the Iron Age, but not on ironing.

South Downs Iron Age Bread Making and Hiking Tour

South Downs

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Fancy stepping back to the time of our ancestors? Discover the secrets of ancient Britain in this fantastic Iron Age bread-making experience in the delightful South Downs.

Learn about the beauty and ancient history of Sussex as we start the adventure with a trek across gentle rolling hills exploring sites used by Iron age and Anglo-Saxon settlers.

With extensive knowledge about life in the Stone and Iron Ages, Roman, Saxon and Viking Britain, our local guides will lead you on a journey of discovery filled with fascinating stories shaping this picturesque landscape.

Absorb the rich history of the South Downs National Park as we visit a Saxon church with a famous medieval wall painting and take a walk through time with a tipple at the oldest pub in Hampshire.

In the afternoon we head into the heart of the Downs to a world-renowned experimental archaeological site. Explore the magnificent reconstructions showcasing ancient Britain. You’ll get to meet the farm animals too and have the opportunity to feed the resident goats!

Then it’s time to try your hand at bread making. Nestled deep in the Iron Age roundhouse, learn about the utensils, ingredients and techniques used to prepare bread in Celtic Britain. You’ll experience prehistoric life in this hands-on workshop grinding grain and producing your own flour using ancient methods. Cook bread just like they would have in the Iron Age and watch your masterpiece progress into a tantalising meal over the fire!

This is an enchanting opportunity to appreciate and experience Iron Age life and cook using the traditional techniques.

And what better way to accompany a freshly baked loaf than some mead-tasting? We finish the adventure sampling locally-made English honey-wine at its very best.

Enjoy the perfect end to your day in the past, filled with the intoxicating flavours, smells and sounds of an Ancient Britain as the sun sets over the beautiful South Downs!


What’s Included in this tour?

  • Pick-up: 09:45 am Havant Train Station, PO9 1PP
  • Drop-off: 18:00 pm Havant Train Station, PO9 1PP
  • All transportation
  • All entrance and activity fees
  • Snacks and local specialties
  • Full-day guided tour
  • Local knowledge, folklore, and history



  • Hike through the fantastic panoramic views of the South Downs
  • Explore sites used by Iron age and Anglo-Saxon settlers
  • Visit Hampshire’s oldest pub and an 11th Century Church
  • Learn the ancient skills of bread making
  • Discover cooking utensils and techniques used by previous civilisations
  • Sample scrumptious local mead
  • Enjoy local history, folklore and a picnic lunch over the fire


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