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09:15 am Reading Train Station, RG1 1LZ
18:30 pm Reading Train Station, RG1 1LZ
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Your Guide: Sue

Sue has been walking for as long as she can remember, before that she thinks she was crawling. She also likes to get around by bicycle, kayak, scooter, horse, boat or just about anything with wheels, legs, paddles or a sail. Being outdoors and moving are just about her two favourite things to do. She's also pretty keen on the Iron Age, but not on ironing.

North Wessex Downs Vineyard Wine Tasting and Hiking Tour

North Wessex Downs

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Is there any better combination than summer hiking and a little wine tasting? Captivate your senses with this wonderfully relaxing outing in the North Wessex Downs!

Enjoy one of the largest and most delightful areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK as we start the adventure with a trek across the gentle rolling hills to the summit of a local beauty spot.

Admire the idyllic landscape and soak up the awe-inspiring views with a relaxing lunch surrounded by the exhilarating Wiltshire scenery. Postcard-perfect pictures are a definite on this tour!

In the afternoon we head to an award-winning vineyard for a small and friendly group wine-tasting. Embark on an exploration among acres of grapevines in one of the warmest and driest areas of the UK, surrounded by the undulating chalkland of the North Wessex Downs, indulging in a glass or two!

Showcasing the best of English white, rose, red and sparkling wines – this is an enchanting opportunity to appreciate a stunning plantation and discover wines crafted using traditional techniques.

You’ll get to sample the scrumptious wines on offer and learn about the methods of wine production. Discover the different varieties of grape that contribute to the exhilarating colours, flavours and intoxicating smells of English wine at its very best.

And, of course, no trip to a vineyard would be complete without the opportunity to pick up a bottle or two of your favourites!


What’s Included in this tour?

  • Pick-up: 09:15 am Reading Train Station, RG1 1LZ
  • Drop-off: 18:30 pm Reading Train Station, RG1 1LZ
  • All transportation
  • All entrance and activity fees
  • Snacks and local specialties
  • Full-day guided tour
  • Local knowledge, folklore, and history



  • Hike through the fantastic panoramic views of Wiltshire
  • Amble across acres of stunning grapevine plantation
  • Learn about traditional methods of wine production
  • Sample scrumptious local wines
  • Enjoy local history, folklore and a countryside picnic with snacks and bubbly


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