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09:30am Bristol Temple Meads Train Station, BS1 6QF
18:00pm Bristol Temple Meads Train Station, BS1 6QF
Chris - GoTread Guide

Your Guide: Chris

Hi my name is Chris and I have been an enthusiastic participant of the outdoors ever since I was in short trousers and have been working in the industry for many years now. To help me relax I like to read and listen to music, currently enjoying Sea Shanties and hoping one day to learn how to play the fiddle.

Burrington Combe to Cheddar Gorge Caving and Hiking Tour

Mendip Hills
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Come and explore the famous caves of Mendip in our Burrington Combe to Cheddar Gorge tour. If you’re experiencing caving for the first time the small caves at Burrington Combe will get you hooked – no previous training is required! Walk, climb and scrabble along the famous natural underground passages and chambers admiring the beautiful formations created thousands of years ago. From here we head straight over to Cheddar Village to enjoy the local cider and cave-matured cheese before setting off on the stunning cliff top walk around the gorge. As the sun sets enjoy snacks and bubbly accompanied with spectacular views stretching across to the Bristol Channel. Postcard perfect pictures of the gorge are a definite on this tour!

8 reviews for Burrington Combe to Cheddar Gorge Caving and Hiking Tour

  1. Omer

    I went on GoTread’s Ebbor Gorge tour at the end of May and loved it. I’ve been to Cheddar Gorge before but I didn’t realise there was so much more to the Mendip Hills. We scrambled through some beautifully remote areas and then hit Cheddar village for cheese and cider. All-in-all it was fun to meet new people, i did a decent amount of exercise, drank some champagne in the sun and saw parts of Mendip I have never seen before – despite living in Bath!

  2. Maell

    I’ve been on two tours with GoTread so far; the structured expeditions are a great way to immerse yourself in the history and culture of less explored areas. Caving has definitely been my favorite so far. The scenery is always amazing and the tour guides are loads of fun!

  3. Gayle

    With a job that takes me all over the place, the last thing I feel like doing is arranging activities for the weekend too. Having someone arrange it all for you sounded great so I gave Go Tread a go and tried the caving and walking in Cheddar event.

    I was apprehensive about the caving but need not have been…it’s not as scary as it looks on TV, and with an experienced guide there was nothing to worry about! Being with like-minded people made for good banter, teamwork and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Stunning views from the top of Cheddar Gorge wrapped up a great day, and all I had to do was buy my train ticket.

  4. Daniel

    I’d like to clarify something before I begin and that would be my nervous disposition when it comes to cramped and claustrophobic spaces – namely those found in caves. I’d read Mel’s blog on caving – http://www.gotread.co.uk/blog/adventures-inthe-dark – and decided to trust her advice, despite what I believed to be my better judgement (having never caved before in my life, clearly I knew best…)

    I can genuinely say I’ve never been more pleased to go against a gut feeling in all my life. The caving experience was an absolute thrill. We were chaperoned by an experienced guide (thanks Chris) who not only made us feel at ease, but who was also a very informative, supporting and funny guide – he clearly has many strings to his bow.

    The tour lasted around 3 hours during which time we were able to traverse rocky terrains, climb steep rock-faces and abseil into 30 metre deep chambers – we even got to cross the ‘wobbly bridge’ suspended just inches above a cold pool of green water. It was at that point I felt like I was on an episode of the Crystal Maze. Thanks to Mel and the team at GoTread I’ve had the chance to experience something amazing that I would never have previously considered.

    After the caving experience we stopped off for a lunch break in the beautiful Cheddar Village before starting our hike across the gorge. Mel guided us across the gorge from the North side to the South where we were treated to a picnic topped off with Somerset’s favourite drink – cider! I’m not much of a walker, but the hike was great fun – although the first steep incline nearly got the better of me I persisted and the rest of the walk was much less strenuous! The views at the top of the gorge are second to none and Mel picked a great spot on the South side for our picnic which gave us great views of the sun setting over the Cheddar reservoir.

    The entire day was amazing and I left wishing it hadn’t taken me 29 years to experience it. I will most definitely be back for another tour during the year!

  5. Rich

    A well organised, active and most of all fun day out!

  6. Zak

    I really enjoyed the experience, especially the caving with Chris and Becca. Thanks Mel for organising a great day.

  7. Terry

    Our day with GoTread was amazing! The service and company was friendly and exceptional! Thank you for a beautiful day!

  8. Shirley

    Such an amazing experience, will definitely recommend to friends and family

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