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I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC summer!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve penned a newsletter so be prepared for lots of holiday snaps?

We’re half-way through the season and for everyone that has joined our 2021 tours, I hope you’re enjoying them as much as we are!

I know plenty of you have tried new activities that you never dreamed you would be doing ?

As always, it is lovely to spend time with you all and to share these adventures.


I wanted to say a few words about our next trip as it’s a first for us – we’re headed to the Lake District for a Wild Camping Weekend 13th-15 August.

This will be our first time so far up North, and it’s going to a be a full weekender full of stargazing and wild lake swims.

I must put a word in for Stu and Katie who will be taking us on this mountainous adventure. If you are new to camping and mountain hiking, I would recommend this entry-level trip to get you started – do drop them a line on DISCORD to find out more.

There’s a very full itinerary which includes the trek up Helvellyn – the UK’s third highest peak – and as it’s my first time out there too, I want to make the most of it and see as much as possible!

I’ve always thought pictures from the Lake District are breathtakingly beautiful and just full of happiness?


Speaking of happiness, I did want to give a shout-out to an amazingly talented local artist, Sian Storey.

I am rather proud to announce that Sian has completed the murals we sponsored for Oasis Southampton City Farm and they are now on display!

A number of you have asked about the story behind this project and it is full of random events, as the best stories tend to be ?

It was shortly after the lockdown restrictions were eased at the beginning of the year, when I saw Sian’s artwork in Southampton on a bench outside the West Quay shopping centre – the biggest brightest butterflies that really cheered me up (on what was otherwise quite a dreary start to the year).

I forgot how much difference it makes to have nature in your life when you don’t have access to the countryside as was the case for so many of us city folk during the lockdowns.

When I first contacted Sian to see if we could support some more nature inspired artwork in the community – I had no idea where that journey would take us.

I was tasked with finding some wall space for a city mural project, and after months of emails and phone calls across the community, we found a home at the City Farm for a wonderful nature inspired vision.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sian’s artwork does what great art should do -it makes you beam with pleasure. They are such beautiful and vibrant pieces and hopefully they will bring a lot of happiness to the hard-working team at the farm, to all their volunteers and supporters in the community.

I do want to say a huge thank-you to site Manager Russell Farley who inspired the vision of this artwork and was so supportive of the whole process – it’s been an absolute honour to meet his team and see first-hand the inspirational work they do for our community.

If you’re in the area do pop by to see the team, the artwork and of course the wonderful animals there?

The summer is disappearing so quickly, when I next write I know we will be planning the trips for next season already! Have an epic summer with plenty of fun and friendship and a little bit of the Barti Spiced ?Until next time, Keep Adventuring Melsx

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