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Let’s get cracking

Hello everyone! And a very warm welcome to GoTread season 2020!

This week I write from the Eurostar on a final trip to visit my sister as she bids adieu to the bountiful bakeries of France.

We have had a vast amount of work over the last few weeks to ensure this season is jammed full with brand new and wonderful tours – and I’m very pleased to say the trips are now up!

I fully intend to enjoy all our new adventures this year. We’ve been expanding the team so you’ll spot new tour guides and minibus drivers alongside plenty of familiar faces in the GoTread family too. It is my privilege to work with some of the most gifted and enthusiastic members of the outdoor community. And the good news is, with a bigger team, I shall be coming on some of the adventures with you this year! No more being stuck in the bus ?

I am over the moon that bookings for the trips have been flooding in already – we have truly intrepid adventure addicts that have booked themselves onto every single one!

It really is a fantastic collection of inspiring days out, with an incredible amount of work that goes into each one, and I am brimming with excitement and pride.

Good things come in threes

I am thrilled to announce that we have the multi award-winning naturalist and conservationist Steve England with us again this season! Steve is a wonderfully passionate and incredibly knowledgeable wildlife educator, and this year he is taking us on a fantastic after-dark Bat Walk. I am very much looking forward to what we can find with these bat echo locators! I was lucky enough a few weeks back to meet the delightful and inverted fury residents of Wookey hole. It was wonderful seeing them happily snoozing away when we visited the caves after closing hours. They really are the cutest little bundles of fur and I am amazed at anything that can sleep through the cacophony of the caves at night. It will make my summer to see more of these little chaps.

For those with a lust for speed, this year I have chosen a fantastic quad biking 50-acre scenic ride for us. This is a superb custom-made safari and you will be bouncing across the countryside, along woodland trails and muddy tracks on the back of these four-wheeled fiends!

I recently decided to take my bike out of retirement in good time to prepare for this year’s mountain biking trip. Our biking tours are always great fun and it’s going to be particularly glorious riding in the Forest of Dean this summer with our friends at Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. I particularly like that all kit is included! It is such a luxury to be able to do a biking trip without the need to dismantle my tiny fiesta in an effort to wedge the mountain bike in the back ?


Are you looking for something on the unusual side this summer? Then why not try a foray into caving!

The countdown to this year’s CavefestUK has already begun. And as you all know I have a particularly fond spot for adventures underground.

The festival has been created by cavers to share their knowledge across the community. This is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to be taken on an underground exploration by the caving experts themselves and experience a completely different world of beauty. Explore millions of years of history just below your feet, stroll through big caverns, enjoy calcite waterfalls and discover intriguing rock formations created by the earth’s movements throughout the ages.

And as I write this, the festival timer stands at 27weeks – 6 days -15 hours- 2 mins. Do check out their brand spanking new website designed by our very talented friends at forty8creates.

I truly believe that for great adventures, it is the people that count. I have been going to CavefestUK for several years and love meeting the fantastic people there who share a passion for caving, cave conservation, and sport. The crew cannot be beaten on their passion, enthusiasm and spirit of togetherness.

Adventure is all about experimentation – be courageous!

Trufffles Isle of Wight

I am happy to introduce all our members to our new friends TRUfffLES. If you fancy sleeping alongside some rather larger bundles of fur then TRUfffLES is the place for you!

TRUfffLES is a tiny, nearly-wild campsite on the Isle of Wight and they are giving a special invitation for adventurers, walkers and cyclists to camp there this summer, 1st May – 31st August and 14-31 July.

This is a perfectly off the grid experience with no computers, phones, or electric hook up and is set in a beautifully peaceful one-acre hazel field for tents and campfire cooking. You’ll get to camp alongside the grazing llamas, surrounded by nature day and night, and wake to delicious free-range eggs for brekkie! Just make a donation for some food for the llamas on departure.

Email to book [email protected] (3 f’s!) or contact them on Twitter(@truffflesiow) or Insta (truffflestinycampsite)

Wild camp

Finally, I have to mention the awesome GoTread Season PARTY! This year we’re heading off the beaten track for a whole weekend of star gazing, lake swimming and wild camping in the Lake District. Set spectacularly in a landscape of mountains, valleys and glacial lakes we’ll be completing the challenging hike up the famous Helvellyn, dipping into the crystal-clear waters of Galleny Force and enjoying the peace and tranquillity of sleeping under the stars at Grisedale Tarn. I may even bring my banjo…

Well we’ve emerged from the tunnel. Now where is that sandwich trolley?


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