Starting the Season in Style!

February 2, 2019 9:30 pm Published by
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Opening the Season

What a month! It feels like my to-do list has been wildly snowballing since the New Year. I am currently sitting in a mound of Ordnance Survey maps and planning feverishly. I have discovered some really fantastic experiences to excite you this summer!

This week I am delighted to reveal the first tours for 2019 are starting to go up. Our “Off-Road Buggies Tour” is quite amazing and promises to be action-packed from start to finish. I have chosen an eclectic mix of countryside motor-sporting alongside an exploration of the ancient settlements and megalithic stone circles of the North Downs.

I like a tour that has an energising fusion of adrenaline and nature and can also add a sprinkling of history and folklore to the mix! Steeped in history, the stuff of legend – the North Downs is quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

My first encounter there was with a pair of very friendly horses who accompanied me (or was it directed?) as I trekked nonchalantly in the wrong direction for several fields. A splendid example of a Bob Ross poster moment – “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

I am pleased to report that we can offer two different options for the pick-up and drop-off on this tour and it’s ideally placed for those travelling from either the west of the country or the east.

silbury hill

Growing Strong

It is quite amazing to think that this is our 4th season and I’m thrilled that our members are increasing every day. I’d like to thank our tour guides, not only are they incredibly daring but wonderfully talented and their commitment and enthusiasm, season after season, brings this club to life! I decided that this year I would break my “one-tour only” mantra – we shall indeed run each tour twice this season and I am hoping that you will have a chance to do them all!

Help the Community

I do like the idea that each season we get to sponsor a different local charity. It makes me ecstatically happy that we are able to leave a positive mark on the community. I am trying to find our charity for this year; we’ll be touring the North Downs, High Weald and Mendip areas, so if you have an outdoor cause which you are passionate about and would like us to support, please drop me a line.

CaveFest UK

I was excited to discover that this year’s Cave Fest is taking place in South Wales over the August Bank Holiday. This free festival is a wonderfully sociable event full of the legendary friendliness, humour and passion of the caving community. Founded by Neil Jackson and Jamie Larke, the festival opens up the opportunity to explore some of the largest and most magnificent cave systems in the country for experienced cavers and novices alike.

Caving experiences never fail to dazzle me, and in my effort to discover new pursuits that engage the heart and the mind, caving is one that I bring into every season. With this in mind I shall be looking to encourage as many members as possible to come with me for this unique experience. Watch this space!


As you know, our channel for communicating information about all the adventure tours is through ‘BandApp’. I hope that you have time to download the app and set yourselves up before this season starts. It makes a big difference to getting information out to everyone on the day with minimal effort on my part – my favourite kind of solution!

Next week I am off for more frosty adventures and will amuse you with my finds at the end of the month. Do keep your eyes out for those new tours as they are posted over the next few weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.


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