Look After Each Other

March 15, 2020 3:50 pm Published by


Hello lovelies! This is the time of year when I trumpet the excitement of having spring around the corner.

But it has turned out to be a turbulent few weeks, amid the developing Coronavirus situation and as communities around the world mount their defences against this virulent outbreak.

It looks like an uncertain summer for everyone across the world and I want to give advice for those booked onto our tours.

The probability of most of us in the UK having to self-isolate at some point is looking pretty likely and all outdoor activities and events will suffer some disruption with the necessary restrictions taking place on travel and increased social-distancing measures over the weeks and months ahead.

I am coordinating continuously with our activity providers and will keep you up-to-date about each of your tours as we get closer to the dates and more information becomes available.

Until then, the club remains open for business as usual. You can reserve your place on any of the tours that you like. For those of you that are traveling further afield however, I would advise against booking any advance train fares or overnight accommodation at this stage.

If certain activities do become cancelled, alternative dates will be made available so that no-one misses out this summer.


In the meantime, as I practice a bit of social distancing, I have been entertaining myself with a spot of jewellery making, augmented reality animals (seriously though if you haven’t done this you need to Google it and give it a go!).

And it is Sunday so there’s several hours of Columbo to get through.

Stay healthy, have fun and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.


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