How it Works

At GoTread, we create friendly and fun adventures for you to see new places, try new activities, and have a jammed-packed and exciting weekend.

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The only way to join a GoTread tour is to become a member. Grab your annual membership and gain exclusive access to our UK tours.

Perks of being a GoTread member:

  • Join a community of likeminded adventurers!
  • Make new friends
  • Take part in unforgettable experiences
  • Enter competitions to win free gear
  • Invitation to the end-of-year party
  • You’ll also receive our fab membership pack!

Join a tour

We operate throughout the summer with a different tour every month, so pick the date that best suits you!

Go on as many tours as you like throughout the season – no limits! Join solo or as a group*, it’s up to you.

  • Quad bike trekking
  • Mountain-biking
  • Sea kayaking
  • Rock climbing
  • Wine tasting
  • And many more…

*each member of a group must have an active membership

Pay what you want!

No, really! You can pay whatever you want! The core of our Adventure “philosophy” is flexible pricing. We want everyone to be able to enjoy amazing adventures no matter what your budget.

When you book onto a tour, you pay nothing upfront. After your tour is complete – you determine what the tour is worth. And you choose the price you want to pay!

Become a Member

The only way to join a GoTread tour is to become a member. Grab your membership and start making the most of your weekends!

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    Get access to GoTread by becoming a Member! With new adventures each month, you’ll go places and do things you’ve never done before. Each tour guarantees a different location with a different adventure activity.

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