Happy Long Weekends

May 24, 2020 1:36 pm Published by


What a blustery start to the bank holiday! 

As I write this my little sunflowers receive a solid drenching, and I peek fretfully through the curtains surveying the damage to my beetroot crop… 


All of your kind emails over the past few weeks are so lovely and they keep me smiling.

I too feel like the lockdown has lasted an eternity already and I am missing my parents and friends so, so much. It is going to feel wonderful to see everyone properly again when this is over! 

In the meantime, we have the whole summer to look forward to and I am still hopeful that we may re-open before too much longer. It will be such a huge relief to hit the road again – after 5 years of summer adventuring I am feeling nostalgic for endless escapades in the sun. 

As you know we are currently suspended until the end of July and I wait daily for the announcement that small outdoor groups can reconvene again! 

In good news I have purchased some rather fetching (and somewhat luminous) GoTread face masks for everyone to use on the tours so we’ll all be ready to go as we ease out of lockdown. 


Wild Swim

With days that are filled with endless videocalls and dishes, I have been truly fortunate to have a little balcony on which to attempt a spot of horticulture over the past few months!

To be honest, my skills are lacking in this area, and the sigh of relief from the plants when I return to the flat after attempting to weed and water, is palpable. 

Still, I am lucky enough to be a short drive from the sea and have been making the most of it now the outdoors is back on the agenda.

After weeks of stagnation in the city, I am indulging in as much wild swimming as I can get in without scaring the locals! 


Dress up

And speaking of scaring the locals, the highlight of the week remains fancy dress Friday. I love it. It does the soul good to know there is still pleasure to be had out of cardboard and a sheet or two…


Banff Film Festival

With so many events turning virtual this year, the Banff Mountain Film festival are showing their movies online for free!

These good folks have handpicked 14 exhilarating adventure films to feed your sense of epic.

Whether it’s base jumping in Western Tasmania, night-skiing in the Austrian Alps, or ultra-marathon running in your 80s – these are truly beautiful films to showcase adventure in all of its forms and what it means to us.

The films are available for the next 3 weeks – so spoil yourself, grab the popcorn and watch an epic adventure or two from your own home! 


I do hope the wind and rain relents a bit – we may even be tempted to get the bbq out tomorrow!

Do have a lovely bank holiday and keep taking care of each other. 

Speak soon 


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