Get Ready for the Summer

March 11, 2019 9:48 pm Published by

Summer is on the Way

The sun is shining, the tours for this season are all up and the bookings have begun to arrive. It’s put a spring in my step and I know we’re heading for an action-packed summer!


Coming up in May

To kick-off our season on May 11th, I have chosen the most charming tour of all, Horse trekking in the North Wessex Downs. It is lovely to explore the countryside just as the weather begins to warm, and wildflowers are beginning their blossom. And we have discovered the most wonderful family-owned, organic farm right in the heart of the Downs – a perfect location for learning to ride. Horse riding tours will always be a favourite of mine because they allow you to immerse yourself in nature and explore the beauty of the countryside in the most natural way. Being around horses stimulates such positive feelings – simply because they are so gorgeous.


I am also pleased to announce the return of our all-day Kayaking tour on May 12th. This year we’ll be in the unquestionably beautiful Wye Valley. We’re very fortunate to be working again this season with the very accomplished team at Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. They are a magnificent bunch, and I know that this trip is going to be a firm favourite.

off road buggies (2)

Heating up in June

I am particularly excited with our new Off-road buggies tour – something we’ve never tried before! These little karts are real showstoppers – astonishingly fast – they get the adrenaline pumping straight away. I am so pleased that the tours are enthusing you all, so much so that the June date for Buggies was out of stock less than 2 weeks after it went up!

wine tasting

On our recent travels I was delighted to find a lovely little vineyard in Oxfordshire. Their white Crispin is just delicious and in the summer I know this Vineyard tour will be absolutely stunning.


CaveFest 2019

The whole August bank holiday weekend packed with free caving tours – doesn’t that sound wonderful? You are all aware that caving is one of my favourite outdoor activities – each caving experience is totally unique. So, I’m overjoyed that we have the opportunity this year to go to Cavefest 2019. I am currently taking expressions of interest for this trip. If you are thinking of coming along, do let me know. And I am making an investment in a new pair of wellies as we speak – my previous pair have been completely defeated by the recce’s I’ve been doing all winter!

Giving Back

As you know, I am very keen on us contributing to the local communities in which we tour. It is a wonderful thing to be able to pay a little kindness forward wherever we go. I am pleased to announce that this year we will be supporting Be Free YC. This is a really wonderful initiative that improves the lives and well-being of young carers. These are young children who care for someone, usually in their family, that may be ill or disabled or elderly, and it affects approximately 1 in 12 teenagers in the UK. I think it’s important to find a charity that will benefit the most from our fun days out, and this summer we will be helping them to raise funds.


I am hoping that all this fluctuating weather means that a great summer is just on the horizon! I’d better get back to work for now though ?

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