Fit or Not Too Fit?

October 1, 2017 9:59 pm Published by

Are you fit? How can you tell?

Does it feel like everyone has an opinion on your exercise regime (and no I don’t just mean your mother)?

Am I doing the right type of exercise? Is it frequent enough?

Oh, so many opinions.

You’d think it would be much easier now – we’ve got activity trackers and fitness apps. They’re a part of our everyday lifestyle. (Someone please tell me how my watch knows whether or not I’m sleeping when it’s lying on the other side of the room??)

So I was really interested this week when I heard about a fitness checklist for ‘each generation’.

And then I read it.


Ok, so I felt a little disappointed actually. And a bit confused. My exercise is frequent (very frequent) and varied but I’m not sure I can complete all the items in the 70s checklist. (Er, no I’m not 70 yet).

But don’t worry folks! All is not lost.

The body is AMAZING. You can adapt it to achieve nearly any goal you’re after. Whether it’s stomaching that cup of tea without sugar for a health-kick, or holding that plank for the whole 45 seconds. Practice makes perfect. And if you concentrate on achieving that goal then sure you’ll get there eventually and then it will feel like you’ve been doing it all your life.

But a good exercise routine is a varied one; one that covers strength, stamina, and mobility. And it is important to remember that these lists are just a snap-shot.

In terms of fitness, the checklist doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to swim for an hour in a lake, or long-distance hike with gear on your back, or have the core strength for riding horse-back all day or the physical agility to negotiate your way through an underground cave network.

If you can check the items off the list for your generation, then well-done! But seriously, in my opinion, if you already have a varied exercise regime that you enjoy and you still can’t do everything on this damn list, then all it means is that you’ve not prepared your body to do so. Your mother will agree.

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