Endless Summer days!

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I do hope you have all been trying something new in your summer hols!

The past few weeks have been a mad scramble as we frantically resume all our tours. I have been permanently attached to the news and social media, scanning for the latest updates on what’s re-opening and where the restrictions are being eased.

I am so grateful for how conscientious everyone has been whilst on tour with us this month – a big thank-you to you all – plus I’m delighted the GoTread masks have been such a big hit!

For now, at least, we’ll be sticking to small groups only – but the adventures are still enormous ?

South Downs Bread Making


We’ve had the best of the glorious British weather so far this season! 

The hikes have been sweltering through the South Downs as we explored the historical landscape of Sussex and visited sites used by the early settlers.

Baby Goat

The mead was flowing at the legendary Butser Ancient farm, together with plenty of freshly baked bread and some rather spirited baby goats!

[Point of information – don’t try to pit yourself against these mischievous little fur balls. You’ll come away needing new stitch work on your pants…]


Speaking of little balls of fur, we had the most wonderful session with Sally Buckland’s amazing birds of prey.

I really can’t recommend this experience enough.

I would say, for those of you who do have any fears or phobias of birds, it is well worth signing-up for a one-on-one experience like this with an experienced falconer like Sally.

The respect she has for her birds, and the adoration they have for her, is simply magnificent to observe. I promise you will come away with a new friend or two!


It was also an insanely hot trip to Dorset for our Coasteering this year; the spectacular Jurassic coastline and beaches were brimming with activity!


Nothing quite exudes adventure as trying something for the first time and really stepping outside of your comfort zone.

And I’m so proud to say the crew did just that. As it turns out, the trick with Coasteering is to not overthink things…. that’s my kind of activity ?

I’m also overjoyed at how awesome raw seaweed tastes straight from the sea. Yes, let’s get more of that floating green goodness…

Diversity in Adventure


I am also very proud of the lovely ladies from Unity 101FM who joined us for the Southampton Diversity in Adventure trip to the Cotswolds and camp supper with Bristol’s no.1 Wildman Steve England.

It’s never been more important to celebrate diversity.

And we’re working in the community across Hampshire, sending out a positive message through our outdoor and adventure work to ensure inclusivity for marginalised groups.

If you would like to be more involved and find out how you can help, do drop me a line!

Camp fire


And, if your adventure cup is need of a filling…we still have a few spaces left on this year’s tours!

Discover Dorset’s marine species up-close-and-personal on a sea-kayaking tour along the Jurassic coastline. Or discover the secrets of ancient Britain on our Iron Age bread-making experience in the delightful South Downs. Or maybe try your hand with bat echo locators on a fantastic after-dark Bat Adventure!

Of course, the recce’s have started already for 2021! Our wonderfully enthusiastic expedition leads are bursting with new ideas as we tirelessly start our planning for next season.

Expect more picturesque villages, fun with wildlife, messing about on the water and adrenaline to boot as we venture far-west to Pembrokeshire to spot some seals and trek up North to the Lakes for some wild swimming!

I’ll see all of you who booked a spot on the quad-trekking in a few weeks’ time! It’s the only tour I’m leading this season and I’m brushing up on my story-telling as we speak?


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