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Endless Summer days!

August 31, 2020

I do hope you have all been trying something new in your summer hols! The past few weeks have been a mad scramble as we frantically resume all our tours. I have been permanently attached to the news and social media, scanning for the latest updates on what’s re-opening and where the restrictions are being eased. I am so grateful...

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The Wait is Finally Over!

July 26, 2020

2020 LET’S GET GOING! It’s wonderful news! We’re back up and running in August! [Drum-roll please]. To be able to adventure together is WONDERFUL and I am so looking forward to seeing you all again! As the restrictions ease, it is indeed a strange feeling to be seeing friends, family and colleagues in person – but to be honest the...

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8 Reasons to start Climbing this Summer

March 26, 2018

Looking for a new physical and mental challenge? We’ve got 8 bona fide reasons why you should give climbing a go!   1.Age The best thing about climbing? Age is no constraint! So, don’t be misled by those stock photos of climbers dangling from a precipice. Everyone of all ages can give it a go, and you don’t have to...

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7 Hiking Myths De-Bunked

October 18, 2017

When picturing hiking, I can almost guarantee that you imagine cargo pants and bobble hats – fyi, cargo pants are an excellent choice for hiking, they have so many pockets! What you don’t picture is a group of hardworking city folks rambling the hills, talking about dragons and drinking champagne. Oh, now I have your attention. Drop all those assumptions,...

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Break in your hiking boots with these 4 handy (footy?) tips.

August 21, 2017

We all know these boots were made for walking, but that’s exactly what you won’t want to do if you have angry blisters from your new pair. Before we start with a list of ways to break in your hiking boots, you must always remember that wearing boots that actually fit you will go a long way to preventing the...

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5 Outdoor Activities for Adults to Try This Weekend

August 15, 2017

Whether you are staycationing in England, or simply looking for something to fill your weekends, there are plenty of outdoor activities for adults that are right on your doorstep. And guess what, your friends at GoTread have rounded them up into a neat little blog post, handy huh? 1. Caving Whilst I can imagine this is not your go to...

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Get Ready to Explore the Mendip Hills

June 10, 2017

What is it that makes Mendip so special?   Beauty Well to begin with, Mendip is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which means that not only is this area special for its landscape and stunning scenery but also that the area is protected to conserve and enhance that beauty!   Long Walks Unquestionably Mendip is fantastic walking country....

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Guided Tour or DIY?

May 1, 2017

Say the term ‘guided tour’ and watch for the response… Sometimes there’s an eye-twitch. Or even palpitations. People start imagining uncomfortable coaches with poor air-conditioning and complicated itineraries. Now, unfortunately, tours like that do still exist…But all is not lost! An increasing number of guided tours now focus on experiences that are intimate, friendly, informal and – most importantly –...

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Say Yes to New Adventures

April 1, 2017

Daniel is a young professional working hard in central London. He recently came on our Mendip Hiking/Caving tour and we caught up with him afterwards to find out how it went! ON A TYPICAL WEEKEND WHAT WOULD YOU USUALLY BE GETTING UP TO? On a typical weekend if I’m not working, it would probably be binge watching The Walking Dead....

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Adventures in the Dark

February 9, 2017

The first thing that people say to me when I mention going caving is “Oh. That’s not really my thing…” Closely followed by “I don’t like the dark!” “I hate cramped spaces!” “It sounds very cold!” “Isn’t it wet?” “I know I’m going to hyperventilate….” And my immediate response is always “Try it once and it will be THE most...

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Here’s Why You Should be Adventuring Together

January 12, 2017

We started hiking in the UK a couple of years ago now. Nothing too challenging to start off with – just half-day hikes initially. And then gradually over time we were doing much longer treks covering the National Parks, AONBs and so on. I still love that you can plan a route from one end of the UK countryside to...

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