Break in your hiking boots with these 4 handy (footy?) tips.

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We all know these boots were made for walking, but that’s exactly what you won’t want to do if you have angry blisters from your new pair. Before we start with a list of ways to break in your hiking boots, you must always remember that wearing boots that actually fit you will go a long way to preventing the bleedin’ ankles of the first time hiker.

1. Firstly, walk around your house in those bad boys – hell, strut if you must!

Now tackling the Inca trail on your first attempt may be a bit out of reach – however we do admire your enthusiasm –  so before venturing outdoors and treading in those virgin soles, take some time to do the housework in your new boots. Not only will you look goddamn fabulous, it gives the boots a chance to mould to your feet, and for the soles to become supple. Stiff soles are normal, but pinching and chaffing aren’t so please consider taking these back Brenda, you aren’t a 5 anymore.

2. Ensure you wear your hiking socks (yup, they are a thing).

So before you had the urge to walk coastlines, through forests, and over untrodden paths you probably didn’t even know that hiking socks existed. Well let me tell you, you are in for a treat! Hiking socks come in an array of styles colours and designs, and for a first time hiker it can be difficult to know which socks are the correct ones to buy. Here are some of our faves:

  1. Break in your hiking boots, not the bank with these very budget friendly hiking socks from Quecha –  £7.99 
  2. Next up are these Wigwam Pro Riprap Trail Pro Socks $14.99, perfect for the very British weather, and a little birdie tells me they are Mel’s very own favourite!
  3. Look swish in these breathable beauts from Falke £18.00
  4. Or perhaps these will get your seal of approval (ha!) waterproof and lifetime guarantee on these SealSkinz, complete with lux Merino wool lining. £42.00 Great for when you are combining hiking with canoeing!

3. After the above, go on short walks, take the dog for a walk (please make sure you have permission from the owner for said dog)

Need milk? Throw on those hiking boots. Have an interesting block you could walk around? Throw on those hiking boots. Have a dog that you need to walk? Throw on those hiking boots. You get my point, basically if it’s a short journey, throw on the hiking boots and really start to break them in. Shorter walks will also help you assess whether or not you are ready to take on longer more challenging trails.

4. Finally, Gradually increase the distance of your walks

Let’s be honest, this all seems a bit bland, you are eager to show all your friends these fabulous new hiking boots which are waterproof, breathable, memoryfoam-able, and have that new springy sole that you have been eyeing up. However, let’s not rush, good things come to those that wait, and blisters are not good things, especially when you are halfway up a hill and still have to come back down. Slowly slowly does it, increase your walks by a couple of k’s each time, you’ll soon be scaling everest.

There you have it, a quick guide to how you can break in your hiking boots! Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for more tips and tricks on being active outdoors!

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