Here's why you should be adventuring together

Here’s Why You Should be Adventuring Together

12th Jan 17 Published by GoTread Share

We started hiking in the UK a couple of years ago now.

Nothing too challenging to start off with – just half-day hikes initially. And then gradually over time we were doing much longer treks covering the National Parks, AONBs and so on.

I still love that you can plan a route from one end of the UK countryside to another on an amazingly scenic hike – and yet still be only 3 or 4 miles from the nearest town or village (or most importantly the nearest pub).

So what really surprised me was that whilst trekking I would spend most of my time alone. It’s true! Despite being so close to ‘civilisation’ you can actually go for hours and hours without bumping into another person…

It’s not that the countryside is unoccupied – there are always pockets of people about.

In particular dog-walkers – you do get to meet a lot of very happy dogs and their owners in the countryside! Or sometimes there are people training for a particular event or just out walking for exercise.  On occasion there’ll be family groups with young children and on the more secluded walks couples watching the sunset together.

But if you’re doing long-distance trekking in the UK, the number of young people out and about in groups together seems surprisingly low.

Which makes me wonder – why don’t we spend more time outside with our friends? Why don’t we do more Adventuring Together?

It’s a busy world. When we meet-up with our friends we want things to happen in the most efficient and affordable way.  We’ll go to a town or a city centre. Somewhere we can all get to that’s straightforward. Somewhere that’s an easy stop on the tube, train or bus. And we’ll do something that’s only a click away. Cinema tickets – click. Restaurant booking – click.

But an outdoor adventure is a bit more difficult to organise.

If we’re on holiday or abroad we do spend more time and energy on our outdoor adventures. We’ll look around and see if we can do something as a group activity. We’ll try and see more of the area than just the town or city centre. Maybe we’ll book a tour or hire a vehicle…

And of course on holiday you can at least expect a nice climate. The weather probably tops the list of reasons that discourages outdoor adventure here in the UK.  Looking up at the overcast skies we’re thinking “Will we still enjoy the experience if the forecast is for rain?”

Not to mention those dreadful early starts – because wherever we’re going we’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn to get there…

So if it’s looking like the odds are stacked against you – then here’s the fix. Rather than doing it by yourself – bring a friend or two along!

Outdoor adventuring with friends helps to overcome those hurdles like “But it might rain” or “How do I organise this?” or even “What do you mean I have to get up at 7am?”

Now you might still need an early start – but just think, how much better would it be if someone brewed you a nice cup of coffee in the morning? How about someone to help you check and pack the gear for the trek? Have you got a friend who lives closer to the route – why not arrive the night before and make an evening of it?

From sorting the transport and getting the maps, to figuring out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it – share it out and let everyone be a part of Adventuring Together.

Make it fun, make it sociable and get incentivized with your friends. Even if the weather is unreliable your memories will be of the experience you’ve had with those people that mean something to you. Not the drizzle. Or the wind.

Awe-inspiring views and that sense of achievement and exploration is so much more extraordinary when you have friends to share it with. So that’s what I’d like to see more of in 2017.  Let’s do more Adventuring Together.


  • Saira says:


    As a family, we walk very regularly. The husband and I have discussed ‘walking groups’ a fair few times…
    There are hundreds of local groups of ramblers and walkers across the country, each with different aims and abilities. There is even a group local to me for only those in their 20’s.

    All of which are just fab, and can help those on their own to find like minded people and make friends, all whilst doing something they enjoy.

    For us however, one of the main reasons we head out so often is that there aren’t so many people about. We have the time to bond as a family, and to explore and discover without any other soul in sight. Our children often pretend that we are on a quest, saving civilisation, on a hunt to find life (they have quite the imagination!).

    I suppose what I am trying to say is that whether you walk alone, as a couple, with friends, or new acquaintances…
    Enjoying being out is the one thing that really matters, and if someone wants to share that, then that’s great!

    Saira xox

  • GoTread says:

    Hi Saira!

    Music to my ears! It’s wonderful to hear you’re out so regularly with the family. The countryside is a world full of magic and adventure 🙂

    I agree we are so lucky in the UK – there are so many groups providing walking programmes and a huge outdoors community promoting walking throughout the year. I love it!

    What I’ve found trickier is when you try to organise an activity to go with your walk – and in particular if you’ve never been to the area before it can be quite daunting.

    For example, you think “I’d love to visit the Chilterns… I’ve heard it’s nice to cycle there… but I don’t have a bike!”.

    So your next step is to spend quite a bit of time online looking for a nice walking route. And then somewhere to hire a bicycle. And then the train to get there and the last train back. And also (after many, many telephone calls) a local taxi firm that is prepared to do a pick-up/drop-off with a cycle ….. and before long the costs and the logistics are mushrooming!

    And then you find out that there is a slight forecast of rain at the weekend and because of engineering works you’ll have to catch the 7 am train… So you put that trip to the Chilterns on the back burner.

    You are spot on – enjoying being out is the one thing that really matters! If sharing the experience with our friends means that we are getting out more regularly and trying things that we haven’t done before it gets a big thumbs up from me!

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