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Fond Greetings from the ever-deepening crevasse of my sofa!

April is warming up beautifully! And I am thinking of you all on my daily Instagram. Each picture is an overwhelming reminder of our revelries on past tours!


As you know, with the social distancing and lock-down currently in place across the UK, we’ve had to suspend our tours until 31st July.

But I am absolutely positive there will be the opportunity for some adventure this summer! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, so don’t pack away those boots just yet. Hang on in there!


It is a particularly tough time across the country for everyone. Many food banks and communities are struggling to find funds during this crisis.

A little good news is that we have donated all GoTread monies this year to NHS Charities Together who are providing essential support to our NHS Heroes and also to Sufra NW London providing emergency food aid and supplies to the people who need it most.

It makes the current situation more bearable, with us all doing our bit in support and kindness to help re-build our communities.


Despite lock-down, Spring has continued to explode all over the country. The birds are singing outside and a small army of sunflowers are sprouting on my little balcony! My spirits are high 🙂

I am lucky enough to be confined alongside my little sister, and I don’t think I require anything else in all the world.

We have found the most wonderful things to keep stimulated, including a Friday night dress-up which is becoming a firm lock-down favourite.

[In case you’re wondering it was 80’s pop stars for the last one!].


Like many, I have never spent so much time indoors compared to the past few weeks. I was amused the other day to discover, for the first time in 10 years, that my toaster has a crumb tray. This was followed by 40 mins of unadulterated cleaning joy…..And we now have a pristine-looking toaster.

But if you can only stomach so much deep-cleaning in your schedule don’t forget the members’ competitions running on our Facebook page! We have some excellent freebies and they’re a nice distraction from endlessly Googling flourless-pizza dough recipes ?


Finally, a huge thank-you for all the kind words you have been sending us over the past few weeks.

On behalf of myself and the GoTread team I would like to express how very grateful we are.

We miss you all terribly and can’t wait to see you again!

Stay Home Stay Safe


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