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We’re almost there! The sun is shining and I can feel summer is on the horizon!

It has been a crazy few weeks as we prepare to kick off our tours once more (are you smiling already?) and I am super excited with what we have in store for 2021!?


GoTread was founded with a mission to do good and we are continuously working to create positive social change.

Did you know that 100% of our profits go to community projects, youth groups, charities and any other organisations in need of our support?

This year please join us in supporting the Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club. This is a wonderful charity offering vital support to young people in Worcestershire with disabilities, complex health needs and challenging behaviour.

The youth club provides educational activities and events, enabling young people to interact and mix socially with others, raising their self-esteem and empowering them to gain a more independent lifestyle.

Like many charities across the country, it has been a particularly difficult year for the club. The struggles these organisations go through is close to my heart and fuels our commitment to recognising and supporting all their amazing work.


I also have a shout out for a wonderfully talented local artist that we’re working with, Sian Storey.

I don’t know what it is, but I have always been inspired around bright colours, so I couldn’t help myself when I first saw Sian’s nature-inspired murals in Southampton City Centre. There was something quite magical about coming across these brightly coloured butterflies in such unexpected surroundings! I was compelled to find out more about the artist.

Sian’s artwork sits somewhere between fact and fiction, drawing you into the world of mythology and folklore with an array of vibrant colours, patterns and blossoms. You can’t help but smile when you look at her imagery!

After searching for an opportunity to bring more nature-inspired artwork to the city, it is a real pleasure to announce that GoTread is sponsoring Sian on a mural project for Oasis Southampton City Farm. I will admit to previously having no idea the city farm existed in Southampton. But I had the opportunity to visit a few weeks ago and they are true to their name – an absolute Oasis in the sprawling metropolis. The farm runs all sorts of activities for adults with learning disabilities and schools and will be opening again to the public next month.

I am hoping this mural project will bring some brightness and joy to those visiting and working at the farm. I have seen Sian’s initial designs and they’re fantastic – but more on that next month!


I simply can’t wait for us to kick off with next month’s tours!

We return to the Mendip Hills, which are always so beautiful at the start of the summer – the soft warm colour of thousands of bluebells will be bursting across the countryside.

We couldn’t visit Somerset (holy grail of cider enthusiasts!), without the opportunity for a cider party in the afternoon. We’ve got scrumptious craft ciders from local brewers for you to sample – some traditional and some a little more unique – don’t miss out!

Our trip to the Malverns is definitely one off the bucket list for me. Just the thought of all those dramatic hills and panoramic views makes me smile.

Classic Motors in the Malvern Hills

If the motor scene sets your pulse racing, join us as we enter the world of vintage car enthusiasts with a trip to Morgan Motors for a unique look at racing history.

I am not renowned for prowess behind the wheel, but I have a burgeoning fantasy of taking a spin in one of these glamorous and grand vehicles – imagine Audrie Hepburn straight out of “How to Steal a Million” and you’ll know what I mean!

With the restrictions of the past year finally easing, now more than ever I have found a need to share and enjoy experiences with others. These are the things that make me happiest. Hurrah for a happy and warm weekend! I hope to see all your smiling faces very soon (LESS THAN A MONTH!) and don’t forget to send me pictures ? Keep Adventuring Mel x

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