pay-what-you-want is easy, who knew?

At GoTread, we’ve always been about helping people do adventure. That’s why making jammed-packed and exciting weekends has been our passion since day one. That, and bringing as much cake along for the ride as possible. That’s a lot of adventure, and a lot of cake.

People should spend more time outdoors. It’s the naked truth. Even if you do the morning jog, or take the dog for a walk, as Brits we’re spending 90% of our day indoors.

Our tours are a great way to change that because they’re friendly and take you to places you’ve never been to before, and yes, get you spending more time enjoying the great outdoors.

For over 7 years (and still counting) we’ve been taking people on our little UK adventure tours. So, we know that doing new things sometimes costs an arm and a leg (waiting for that end of month payday anyone?). That’s why we help redress the balance through pay-what-you-want to make life more equal for everyone.

We never put a price on our tours and we never will. We’ve got no deposits. No cancellation fees. No hidden extras. No other nonsense. Just book onto a tour, pay nothing upfront and enjoy the ride. Afterwards you can freely decide what the tour is worth, and choose the price you want to pay.

Our vision is a world where no one misses out on a chance to do something fun and a good adventure is always on the agenda. So, fill yer boots!

wee adventures, whopping dreams

We started GoTread back in 2015 with a dream to make it easier for people to do adventure.

We hired a minibus and dragged our oblivious friends on a bucket list of adventures across the UK. At the end of the summer, we asked everyone if we should toss it in, and they said…no way! Where to next?

So, we took a shot at running adventure tours for real.

Since then, our dreams have become HUGE and our adventures are even more awesome. Now we’re on a mission to get more people outdoors, help our community and do good for our planet along the way.

That’s why we pack our wee adventures full of cool stuff, give 100% of profits (YES 100%!) to charity and pledge to be net zero by 2025. Hankering to give us a go?

what we’re up to

Here at GoTread, we’re big fans of this adventurous little island we call home and we’re doing everything we can to bring more of it to you.

Touring is a tough job, and our team is what makes GoTread fantastic. Sure, we’ve got a smashing website and a nutty Instagram, but without the right people we wouldn’t be where we are today.

From pick-up to drop-off, GoTread tours are developed by our brilliant team who love outdoor adventure. These legendary outdoors folk are local guides and mountain leaders who understand and embody our values, make fun a top priority and always go out of their way to put a smile on your face. We’re proud to say that we do a great job of putting these amazing experiences together.

doing it our way

Across the UK’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty, we grab the most awesome adventure activities we can find, and jam them together in a back-to-back day of adventure so you can jump on board without any nonsense like minimum numbers or cancelling because of the weather. Which we think is the right way to do things, naturally.

Beyond our little world of adventure, we make sure we Do Good by continuously helping the local community. We tour in smaller groups, hire local guides, team up with local activity providers, volunteer all our profits for local causes and offer a training programme for people finding it hard to enter the world of outdoor adventure.

That should keep us active for a bit.