7 Hiking Myths De-Bunked

October 18, 2017 12:25 pm Published by

When picturing hiking, I can almost guarantee that you imagine cargo pants and bobble hats – fyi, cargo pants are an excellent choice for hiking, they have so many pockets!

What you don’t picture is a group of hardworking city folks rambling the hills, talking about dragons and drinking champagne.

Oh, now I have your attention.

Drop all those assumptions, and we will explore 7 common hiking myths that just aren’t true guys! Although I will say again, cargo pants make for ideal hiking leg wear…so many pockets guys!

Without further ado, let’s climb up that mountain of myths, whilst seeing how many hill/walking/outdoors-y puns I can slip’n’slide into this blog post.

  1. Hiking is only for dog walkers, the Duke of Edinburgh or retirees.
  2. To extend on my point from above, hiking isn’t just for people of a certain age. Many people of all ages hike, and not only is it great for your physical fitness, time and time again it has been proven that hiking (or getting active in general) is a great way to boost your mental health and wellbeing, so why not do it whilst checking out the rolling hills of Mendip or the beautiful coasts of Eastbourne?

  3. I can’t possibly catch the sun in the UK.
  4. Newsflash, the sun is still a fireball blazing down on us no matter where we are in the world. So take sun cream, lots of it, because up high you’re exposed to the sun year round (yes even in the winter!), and you’ll need to apply it more than once. Factor 50 is always a good choice, no one likes that stiff, itchy feeling after being burnt.

  5. You need hiking boots to participate.
  6. Whilst hiking boots are popular amongst the outdoors-y folk, they are not a necessity for hiking, as a good pair of waterproof shoes will be sufficient. Whilst they are not only much lighter, many waterproof shoes these days are made with breathable fabrics which reduce the chances of blisters and chafing whilst trekking. If however, hiking boots are on your to buy list, then here’s some top tips to help you break those babies in.

  7. Water is the only thing I need.
  8. H20 is obviously necessary, you need it to function on a daily basis, so you are certainly going to need it on a hike around the Somerset hills, or any hills for that matter. In your backpack you should always carry some food – carbs are a good choice for that energy boost you need – but it’s also a good idea to bring some electrolytes to replenish the lost salt and water which leaves your body as it perspires.

  9. I’ll be able to check social media.
  10. GoTread is all for millennials getting outdoors and making the most of their weekends (#maxtheweekend) by escaping the city and having a close to home adventure. However, you can’t always expect to share that on social media as soon as you have the evidence. No siry, whilst I realise that most places will have sufficient signal because we live in an ever-connected society, we have to be honest and let you know that there are often times that there won’t be enough signal juice to upload that sheep selfie, or update your status to let everyone know you have a life. Plus, the beauty of nature is actually experiencing it, so put that phone away, and feel the burn in your calves!!

  11. Hiking takes ages.
  12. Indeed, hiking can take all day, and you can spend hours rambling around the hills, up and down elevations, the whole works. Equally, hiking can be as short as you like. A short hike is better than no hike, and we can guarantee as soon as you hike for an hour or so, you’ll easily want to extend it to a few. A GoTread hike is around 3-4 hours, and that’s pretty standard where hiking trails are concerned, however you can stop as much as you like, snack and hear the wonderful tales of old as you are walking around, so there’s no pressure on speed or duration.

  13. You have to know where the hell you are going.
  14. Wandering around in a field aimlessly can seem daunting at first, so why not go on a guided tour? The guide will be able to, well, guide you! As well as a wonderful tour, you guide will often have historical knowledge about the area you are in, and will be able to tell you chunks of information you may not have known – so great for you, and educational! You can check out our list of upcoming tours here.

So, discard your hiking myths, grab your waterproof shoes and head outside!

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