5 Outdoor Activities for Adults to Try This Weekend

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Whether you are staycationing in England, or simply looking for something to fill your weekends, there are plenty of outdoor activities for adults that are right on your doorstep. And guess what, your friends at GoTread have rounded them up into a neat little blog post, handy huh?

1. Caving

Whilst I can imagine this is not your go to activity of choice, let us try to convince you this outdoor activity is definitely one for the bucket list.

Caving is often given a bad rap for being overly dark and scary, and with the addition of small spaces it’s not exactly a cake walk. Claustrophobics need not apply. However, having had the same negative feelings before I previously tried caving, I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done. Sure, it tested my natural human instincts not to clamber through that hole, or scale the side of that rock, but the experience far outweighs the negatives. I left the cave, after a few hours of climbing and abseiling, feeling extremely accomplished and couldn’t wait to tell everyone what I had just done.

Disclaimer: Please do not don a boiler suit and jump head first into the nearest cave. Caving requires professional assistance, and you should always have the relevant experts with you.

Should you decide this is your outdoor activity of choice, we’ve all the logistics sorted for you, including our wonderful Chris (think of him as a Karl Pilkington who loves caves, no, REALLY loves caves) who will make sure your experience caving is enjoyable and stress free and most importantly safe!

2. Cycling

Practically accessible to everyone, this outdoor activity will have your heart racing whilst you take in the sublime scenery that is England. Exploring the forest / countryside is a very different experience on two wheels – for a start you get to see a hell of a lot more.

Whilst there are a huge number of trails for you to try, sitting at #4 of this “Best places to ride in britain list” from Cycling weekly, The South Downs provides the perfect backdrop to our The Burinton to Bignor cycling tour if you fancy riding with a group of likeminded individuals.

3. Canoeing

Canoeing is something that if you haven’t already experienced, you should definitely pop on your bucket list. It’s one of those outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy, and gives you a chance to see some familiar English sites from a different perspective. Whilst this outdoor activity is for all abilities, and all levels of adrenaline junky, we’re not talking white knuckle, white water paddling here, we’re talking about enjoying a leisurely paddle down the meandering Cuckmere River, whilst taking in the views of the South Downs and Seven Sister cliff face. And, as if you need more convincing than that, here’s a list of the best routes for canoeing in the UK.

But not all tours are made equal. “No?” I hear you cry. That’s right, a GoTread tour includes well deserved bubbly and snacks on the pebbly coastline of Eastbourne.

4. Hiking

Now I know what you are thinking, hiking?! But that’s for people who enjoy cargo pants and are familiar with the blue rinse. Well think again! Hiking can be enjoyed by anyone, and according to many sources (even science), hiking can make you happier! What’s not to love.

First time hiker? No problem, hiking literally requires sturdy shoes and a good attitude. The perfect outdoor activity.

5. Pony Trekking

What did you do this weekend? Netflix? Baked a cake? No, your story on Monday morning will be better than that. Pony Trekking, yup, that’s right, you would have been exploring the beautiful Mendip Hills on horseback, whilst Susan from accounts decided whether she should do a dark or a light wash. Don’t be like Susan, get outside, on a horse.

Yet another outdoor activity that didn’t spring to mind when you were considering what to do this weekend. With a huge number of bridle paths across England, there is absolutely no reason not to get involved – and you don’t have to be an expert in the Grand National either.

All the tours mentioned above are available at GoTread where we have everything figured out for you – just turn up and we’ll handle the rest. What are you waiting for – Max the Weekend, and hell, invite Susan, she hates washing.

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