2018 End of Season Wrap Up

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What an incredible season 2018.

You all know I’m a very big fan of Mendip (did I mention I’m going to retire there with a goat?), but this year I fell for those incredible rolling Quantock hills. I love the heather and gorse; all the pinks and yellows are so characteristic of the Quantock landscape. Pony-Trekking was a big favourite – it really is a fantastic way to see all the best views with minimal effort – and anything that stops to casually eat along the way is my favourite kind of transport!


Giving Back

As you know, each year we sponsor a different charity in the local community – and this season it was the Escape Support Group. Escape takes care of families living in Somerset who are raising children with disabilities or additional needs. It is heart-breaking that children have limited access to services and facilities that we all take for granted. To help with this process, our profits this season are being used to help Escape.


What’s Next

I have also been busy taking requests for all the activities everyone wants to try out next year – it’s not too late to drop me a line if you haven’t done so already! I am bringing back more of the bushcraft/outdoor skills, and I have to have more water-sports too. You can expect beautiful hikes, local food and drink, and, of course, plenty of cake. I shall be applying my best story-telling skills to all the tours to dazzle you. It has also been a whole season without a coastal challenge – and I need my fix!


Upcoming Events

Speaking of challenge – for those of you who tried out caving and fancy a bit more of the action – I shall be organising a trip to Mendip Cavefest 2019. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore some of the more advanced underground labyrinths and it makes a big difference going down there with the local experts. So, keep an eye out for more info on that.

I love that we are finally up-and-running as a members-only club. The members’ packs only landed at the start of this season and they have fast sold-out! I am looking to take delivery of funky outdoor gear for next year and have chosen some bold designs and a few lovely pieces for the store.

I hope you have time to do some hiking this winter – several layers of thermals and a strategically placed pub enroute tends to make amends for any rough weather!

Next week I am off to Switzerland for a few days of crisp mountain views and I hope to return inspired with ideas for next year.

Finally, I shall be starting to get the new tours on the website by early February – we are doubling the number of tours in 2019 and it’s perfectly acceptable to do the same tour more than once if you like it, so it’s a win win!

Until then – Keep Adventuring


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